ZING !!!

India is a land of diversified cuisine binded by common thread of spices.While on a food-search trip to Sikkim, I got an opportunity to taste some enticing flavors of north-eastern cuisine.

Two years have passed since that trip,but my love for those flavors  have remained unfazed.And it was this love, that pushed me to keep looking for fest or restaurants in Hyderabad that could help me relive the experience.

When I saw a fellow blogger post about ‘Zing’s North East Cuisine’ restaurant,I had to visit them.



You could pick your dish from dishes spread across North Eastern,Korean ,Japanese and Continental cuisine.

Ambiance of the place has a homely feel and reflects the simplicity of the north-eastern states.


Soup we had that afternoon, had a good helping of seaweed and dry fish.Texture of seaweed and flavor of the dry fish might take a while to grow  on you.But if you love to experience new flavors,do give this a try.

Visit them if you are on a look out for reasonably priced  good quality pork dishes.


Pork Belly was perfectly cooked, had a divine flavor and went pretty well with condiments served along.

Spicy pork curry from Nagaland was packed with a chilli punch. This addictive fiery dish was loaded perfectly cooked pork.

Beans served along had a pleasant sweet after taste.


Chicken dishes we ordered were decent.

Flavors of lemongrass chicken fell pretty flat.Condiment served along could have been a little more interesting



Cheese stuffed chicken had an impressive sauce but chicken was  quiet dry .Roasted garlic served along went pretty well with the sauce.



As an accompaniment to our meal , we decided to try few of their mocktails.Of all their offerings,orange based drink won my heart.



They have impressive list of dishes from the land of peace.Thereby,next time you crave for a delectable North-Eastern  flavor experience,do visit Zing .


Ashok Nagar, Golden Habitat,
Whitefields, Kondapur,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500081,







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