Wrapped Goodness

People who follow my blog ardently, by now must know about my obsession for unique food twist. Recently a follower,reached out to me via mail and expressed her desire to taste my next food experiment.Thereby, over a weekday,I decided to invite her over for an early meal.

After receiving her enthusiastic response,I started thinking about various flavor combination I could bring to table .It was in those very moments, humble mango-ginger chutney( you can check the earlier post for recipe) lying on my kitchen counter caught my attention.



As it was a weekday meet-up,I had to come up with a recipe which would take minimum prep-time.Thereby,I decided to serve  chutney marinated chicken  wrapped in tortilla.

To marinate the meat , I used a teaspoon of olive oil,soya sauce,chutney(same quantity as  captured in the click),tablespoon of oregano butter and five-six crushed garlic pods.


Somehow,just serving tortilla with chicken , did not appeal to me.Hence,I decided to give my dish a veggie touch.

P.S.: If your kids hate veggies, this  recipe would be one delicious way to get them hooked to it.

While the meat was marinating, I scrolled through my veggie basket  and picked  up few potato,carrots,onion and welsh onion.You could pick up any veggies of your choice .


Pour a little oil in a vessel add vegetables of your choice.Toss for a while.



Pour in half a glass of freshly squeezed/canned orange juice and bring it to boil.You could also add half spoon of soya sauce if desired.


Season the veggies and if needed add juice of half a lime.I simply relish slightly sweet and aptly tangy flavors.


Once the veggies are done, place chicken breast in a microwavable dish and cover it with the vegetables and tangy sauce.

Once the meat is cooked ,remove and slice it carefully.


Place the sliced meat in a warmed tortilla,add in few veggies and cover the filling with good serving of sauce. You could use toothpick the keep the fold in place.

If you want to enjoy chicken breast  as part of your main course,you could also leaveit unsliced and enjoy it as a part of main course along with some garlic mash/rice.

Next time, you wish to impress someone with your cooking sans slogging for the entire day,then this is a perfect recipe for you.








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