Locking the tropical goodness

The only reason I look forward for Indian summers, has to be mangoes.Raw or ripen ,this fruit leaves your taste buds encaptivated.

Every time mango season nears an end ,I frantically start looking for ways to preserve these beauties for year long usage.

Usually,I end up making loads of aamras, hand churned icecreams(you can find mango mint ice cream on my blog) ,murabba etc.But this time I was inspired by the book featured below and decided to make raw mango ginger chutney.

For making it we would require chopped pineapple ( half of the fruit),two finely sliced raw mangoes and roughly sliced ginger.To enhance flavours we would be using a mix of spices and apple cider vinegar.

Line heavy bottom vessel with a butter.Pour in half a cup of vinegar.

Add a tablespoon of sugar and allow it to melt.

Add a teaspoon of garlic and roughly chopped red chilli,half a teaspoon freshly grounded black pepper,ginger slices and quarter teaspoon cinnamon powder.

To enhance tropical flavours further, I added tropical heat spice mix .

Once the spices start emitting flavorful fragrance,addin the raw mango and pineapple.

Cook until the mango is soft.Stir regularly until done.

Once cooked,set it aside to cool down.

Once it cools down, coarsely ground the mix and transfer the mix to a steralized jar.

Place the jar in a dark corner and allow it to age for 3-4 weeks before using it as a sandwich spread or a meat marinate.

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