Dessertifying the Drink

One day while browsing through my pantry I came across an unopened Bailey’s Irish Cream and decided to indulge in its distinctive smoothness.

With no second thoughts, I lined my glass with a good dose of chocolate syrup  and poured in my dessert drink.Every sip further deepened my belief that Bailey’s Irish Cream and chocolate are undisputed heavenly match.


While enjoying my cocoa topped go-to drink,I decided to whip up some dish paying ode to this perfect match.It has been quiet a while since I have brought my baking skills to work, thereby,I browsed online for some inspiration and finally decided to make a Bailey’s Poke Cake.

In a bowl,swift 2 cups of all purpose flour,1 cup of dark unsweetend cocoa powder and half cup of powdered sugar , 1 tsp of baking soda and 1 tsp of salt.This step will allow you to get rid of any lumps that can disturb the desired fudgy texture.


I always add a cup of brown sugar to my chocolate cakes,to bring out slight caramel flavor and to enhance color further.If brown sugar is not available,replace it with any granulated sugar.


As I wanted my cake base to have slightly bitter flavor,I added to the dry-mix a sachet of Nestle 3-in-1 original sachet.


In another bowl , break two eggs,add a tsp of vanilla essence along with a cup of vegetable  oil.Whisk the contents together , until the mix has a frothy appearance.Do not over beat the eggs, else the cake will become too dense.

Slowly start adding dry mix to the eggs.Add one spoon at a time so as to avoid formation of lumps.At this stage,once batter starts to get sticky, start adding hot water , half cup at a time until the batter is slightly smooth.As we would be adding Bailey’s in next step, maintain viscosity of batter slightly less than the desired one.


To the mix, add desired quantity of liqueur.I added a cup .



Transfer content to the cake tin,top it with dark and milk choco-chips and allow it to bake.

While the cake bakes,in a bowl take half a tin of condensed milk,one pinch of salt and desired quantity of choco chips ( dark/milk/both).

Heat it until chocolate has melted .Blend the contents perfectly.


Using a knife sharpener or a wide straw, poke holes into the warm cake.Once done , douse the cake with the chocolate blend made above.

In this step, to get desirable out come, both cake and syrup have to be warm.Place the cake in a fridge and allow it to refrigerate for about an hour.


Meanwhile, in an bowl, take 1 cup of cream.To make my topping glossy, I always put the cream into freezer for half an hour.Start whisking the cream,preferambly using hand .

Add 5 ml of whisky  and half cup of icing sugar.Keep whisking until the topping looks glossy.


Take out the cake from the refrigerator, and pour over the Irish whisky potion.

Allow the cake to cool down in a fridge for at least half an hour before serving.


Next time when you are looking for perfect break-up partner/stress indulgence/guilt worthy slice think no more beyond slice of this gooey-salty-chocolate oozing-boozy cake as binging on alcohol/icecream is so old school.


P.S : For cake with well balance flavors and apt texture,use graded measuring cups to measure the quantity of ingredients.





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