Volcanic flavors of SAMBAL

While traversing through the roads of IT jungle in Hyderabad,I came across a restaurant named ‘SAMBAL’ paying tribute to the Indonesian cuisine.

Sambal is a hot sauce/paste native to the land of volcanoes,which gives a vibrant and rich flavorful touch to the dishes.


For quite a while ,I have been keen on experiencing some intense flavors .And as Indonesian cuisine harbors one-of -the finest dishes in the world of flavors,I decided to have lunch here along with my man.


Ambiance and menu card here bear the vibrancy of the Indonesian culture.

As we wanted to experience ,quiet a lot of there offerings,we decided to try their on-table 4-course set menu.

First to arrive was chicken broth loaded with vegetables,rice noodles and boiled egg .It had complex delightful flavor.


Appetizers comprised of fried fish and a limited portion of bite-sized chicken .

I was overwhelmed by the look of fish , but one bite into it and I was lost in delicate symphony of flavors.

Condiments served along complimented the serving perfectly.

Well cooked chicken was rich on flavors and heat.


For main course, we had a choice between flat noodles and nasi-goreng.Both the dishes tasted decent with quiet a scope of improvement.


For dessert, we were served Pisang Goreng Kitan Hitam dan Ice cream(only one option is available for diner but I bet you , you will not miss the option of choice).

Aptly riped banana wrapped in a thin crispy parcel, tasted exotic with green bean jaggery sauce and vanilla icecream.Black rice served along gave a much needed salty touch to this exceptional dish.


I would also recommend you to taste Klappertaart served here.It is a delightful dessert containing baked tender coconut,raisins and almond along with other key ingredients.

For mocktails,we ordered Virgin Mojito and Es Kelapa Muda.

Virgin Mojito served here is one of the finest I have ever tasted .


Es Kelapa Muda is an Indonesian drink made with tender coconut,jaggery and lemon.It has a distinctive taste and texture .Thereby,it might take a while for this drink to grow on you.


Most of the dishes served had a powerful spice kick.Hence,if you are someone with low tolerance for heat(like me) then gear up for drinking gallons of water and continuous panting.

Nevertheless,flavors here can be so addictive, that you will keep on devouring the food in spite of your taste buds being on fire.

Location :

1-98/2, Durgam Cheruvu, Inorbit Mall Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad

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