Gourmet Sandwiches at Bistro on Wheels

Sandwiches  are portable flavor delights which can any day become an wholesome meal.But these days, its hard to find a decent sandwich.

A perfect sandwich , uses a right bread,complementing  textures and right amount of filling .Sadly,these days either bread used is way too lifeless or soggy,fillings are almost missing and above all it is topped with plethora of hideous sauces.

After almost giving up on my search for a decent sandwich in Hyderabad,I came across vibrant looking food-truck  named ‘SOFREHH’ on a windy summer night.

On interacting with the passionate people behind this place,I realized,they knew that sandwich is not only about filling but also about the bread paired along. I strongly believe that bread is its soul.IMG_20180622_224941.jpg

On my first visit I tried their cold vegetarian sandwich paired with a pleasantly fiery bread.

The flat bread at first glance,might look quiet dense .But, one bite and you will be in for a true culinary surprise.Bread  is not only fluffy but also has distinctive flavor..facebook_1529694239447.jpg

On suggestion from a fellow blogger I decided to re-visit them for their Kubideh sandwiches.

Kubideh/Koobideh is synonymous with the traditional meat preparation technique ,where in  meat was placed on a flat black stone and pounded with a wooden ladle.



Kebab Kubideh is an Iranian kebab made with perfectly grounded meat .

Melt-in-mouth meat patties had a right touch of herbs .


Addition of sunny side egg(on request) ,added a totally different dimension to this sandwich.


If you think they serve only good sandwiches,then I am pretty sure you are yet to lay your hands on their rose-pista icecream.It was oh so tempting, that I just couldn’t wait to get a decent click.

Next time if you are craving for some real good sandwiches do visit this Persian Bistro on wheel.


Also before you leave, do grab their heavenly jar of traditional Marmalades.Each of their offerings has an distinctive taste.

Featured below is my personal favorite Moraba-Yeh-Seeb(apple marmalade).Beware , these marmlades can be highly addictive.




Alley before #788 Avenue,

Rd Number 36, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills,

Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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