Road not taken : Guilt Trip

Guilt trip is well-known for its guilt inducing scintillating sweet-temptations, but very few are aware that they serve lip-smacking savories. Let me lead you through my guilt inducing flavor alley experience.

For people like me who love savory with touch of sweetness, waffle with crispy chicken and syrup must be a dream come true dish.

Crunch of the crispy chicken reflected the precision and technique followed in making it. Crunchy chicken complemented the fluffy waffle exceptionally well. Syrup served along enhanced the flavors further.

Fish fillet in the Fish burger was perfectly cooked and had a balanced flavor.

Sometimes mistakes lead to memorable discoveries.

We have placed an order for chicken skewers but we were served Lamb potato extravaganza(lamb potato pir-unable to recollect the name).

Initially I was disappointed, but first bite into the mess and I knew I was up for foodorgasm.

Minced meat was done perfectly. Gravy was aptly spiced. Mashed potato enhanced the texture of the dish further.

Garlic mash ( potato mash) is nothing like what I have tasted earlier.

Rather than having a smooth texture,it had a granular texture (credit garlic pods). Chives used for garnish gave an edge to the dish. I recommend you to try Garlic Mash.

We ordered salted, blue velvet and vanilla cupcakes.Of three,berrylicious blue velvet was my favorite. Other two were decent.

People have recommended me to try their red velvet pastry. Hence,I went ahead and ordered one.

Cake was a little dry, nevertheless,icing and flavors were spot on.

Ambiance of this place reminds you about chic boutique café on the streets of Paris.

Staff here is friendly and quick-feet.

Next time you visit Guilt Trip ,do try their savory options.


They have two branches.Mentioned below is the address of the branch I visited.

Ground Floor,R3 Zen Building,

Kavuri Hills,Madhapur,Hyderabad.

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