Culinary journey in pull-man styled carriage of Sahib Sindh Sultan

Basking in the success of science and whistling the fume of joy, three Vulcan engines led India’s first passenger train on its maiden run on 16th April 1853.This day is etched as one of the memorable days in the history of India.These engines were fondly named as Sahib,Sindh and Sultan.

As on today , one of the way to experience the beauty of the lost era, is to time-travel via recreated recipes of the bygone times.Thereby, to taste the 1850’s inspired dishes, I decided to visit restaurant Sahib Sindh Sultan.

Elegantly done décor, subtly incorporates the elements of British era.I would recommend you to get a table in the coach styled cabins.Timely,witty railway-style announcements enhances the charm of this place.

A visit to this place is vain, unless and until you taste their Sultan Sherbat .It is a sweet concoction of saffron and sandalwood with a hint of lime.

Tangy digestive drink Sahib ka Panna, made with ripe pineapple tastes quiet refreshing.

Royal Velvet Chicken soup had delicate, yet mesmerizing flavors.

Fish Tikka A La Lord Rippon was one of my favorite that night. Perfectly char grilled ,slightly spicy fish tasted beautiful with in-house green chutney.

Flavorful Maal Gaadi Handi Chicken and creamy Makhmali Murgh Tikka masala tasted delightful when paired with rumali roti and butter naan.

Paraatwali murgh biryani tasted exquisite when paired with offered yogurt condiment.But,it was disappointing to notice, that the rice were plated in a bowl rather than a Paraat (big plate) as described in the menu.

We ended our gastronomical journey with a betel leaf royally wrapping the distinctive flavors of gulkhand.

Their menu is na ode to Indian cuisine.Hence,next time you crave for some creamy Indian delights.Head to this place right away.

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