Mango-Mint Summer Bliss

Mangoes make the Indian summers worth  a wait.On a summer afternoon, I visited the ‘Mango Street’ of Hyderabad near (backgate)JNTU Fine Arts College at Masab Tank .

If you are  a mango lover do visit this street .As at any given point of day, you would have an option to choose from 8-12 varieties of mangoes.

After a bountiful purchase at a reasonable price,I walked back home with a huge smile plastered on my face.


Soaring mercury level,left me craving for a smooth creamy ice-cream.Hence, I decided to make some home made Mango-Mint ice-cream.

With no blender or ice-cream churner at hand,I knew it would be a challenging task to make an airy delight.Yet,I decided to give it a whole hearted try.

For making this delight , I filled my grocery cart with a small fresh cream carton,a can of condensed milk and a bunch of mint.


Recently,I came across a caramelization technique by Chef Kunal Kapoor and decided to use it in this recipe.

Fill a bowl with water , and place the condense milk can in it .Cover the bowl with a lid and leave it on heat (do not exceed 2 hours).

P.S : Do not try to open the can immediately after it is taken off from stove else you might scald yourself.Allow out it to cool down before using it.


Meanwhile, refrigerate fresh cream for sometime.Once cold,pour the content of the package into a bowl and whisk in the air until it reaches soft peak stage.Once done, place it in the fridge.


Take five peeled and diced mangoes in a mixer jar.To this, add mint leaves as per liking .Grind the contents so as to make a smooth mango puree.



In chilled whisked cream,add the mango puree and mix it well .


Add caramelized condensed milk( i left it on stove for 1 hour) to the mango-cream mix.


Fold in the contents perfectly.Place the bowl in freezer . For three to five times,after every half an hour,remove the bowl from the freezer and fold in the contents.


Above step will not only make your ice cream airy , but  will also retain its creamy texture.

Serve this beauty by itself or along with mango slice and a drizzle of pineapple syrup.




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