Camarão no vinho do porto

I believe that wine is one such beverage which can add a touch of elegance and sunshine to any dish.Thereby,when my sister-in-law gifted me a bottle of port wine,I decided to incorporate it in my new taste endeavor.

After much thought,I decided to make prawns in zingy orange-wine sauce.




Off late I am in love with bag of ITC Masterchef medium size prawns.Hence,on way back ,home I quickly grabbed two packets along with some juicy oranges.

After thawing ,washing ( in ice cold water ) and draining prawns.I marinated them with black pepper and salt.



While the prawns were soaking in the flavors,I decided to work on the sauce.

For creating an influx of complex flavors in the sauce,I decided to use Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce(you could replace it with Sambal too for more profound flavors), apple cider vinegar and Ching’s dark soy sauce along with wine and freshly squeezed orange juice.


In a saucepan,pour a glass of  orange juice,3/4 glass of wine,two teaspoon of soy sauce  and a teaspoon of vinegar.

Place the vessel on stove and allow it to bowl stirring occasionally.To deepen flavors further you can seep in some ginger julienne along with a pinch of sugar.Once the sauce is reduced,set it aside(to cool down).


In a warm vessel, melt a stick of butter along with a teaspoon of olive oil and add to it one sliced ginger,five cloves of chopped garlic and four chopped scallions.

Next add in  prawns and saute them for a minute or two.


When the prawns start to turn slightly pink,pour in the sauce.


Allow the prawns to cook in the sauce for a minute or two .

Once done,enjoy this tangy ginger infused delight  on its own or along with your personal choice of carbs.









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