Stop for the eclectic Asian delicacies

Off late ,I have been falling in love with Asian delicacies. But an affair with Asian Palate can cost you a bomb,unless ,you decide to dine at Tom Yum Yum.IMG-20180408-WA0016~2-1.jpg

Perfect blend of colors, add a vibrant touch to the ambiance.


I began my meal with a subtly flavored and crab meat loaded Sangshsi Crabmeat soup . Sesame oil added a magical touch to the soup.


Lemongrass chicken was my next entrant on the table.Flavorful juicy minced meat on a lemongrass skewer tasted exceptional.The spicy condiment served along complemented the appetizer perfectly.


For the main course, I decided to devour spicy prawn burma curry with aptly steamed bowl of rice.Curry tasted pretty good,but,prawns were overcooked.Also, I could hardly find 5-6 pieces of prawns in the curry.



Refreshing Mango sticky rice ended my Asian experience on a high note.


I was impressed by the variety of salads offered during each course of meal. Of all the offerings, raw mango salad was my personal favorite.


Mocktails in the menu were not as alluring as the meal.



Staff  here strives their best to make your visit a memorable one.

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