Lost recipe from the kitchen of Nizams

I grew up , hearing my granny’s stories about aromatic food that was made in the glorious Nizami Kitchen.

One dish which my granny loved to make every now and then was a subtle Zafrani(Saffron) Pulao.

In a thick bottomed dish, take a tablespoon of clarified butter.Add bay leaf,green cardamom,brown cardamom,aniseed and cloves.

Once the spices start emitting an aromatic fragrance,add thinly sliced onion. Add a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder,cardamom powder , red chili and black pepper.


While the onions are cooking, roast cashew,almond flakes and raisins.

Roast the Basmati rice ( I prefer soaking my rice in water for 30 mins before roasting it) and set aside.


Take a teaspoon of saffron and pound it . Add a little warm milk and set aside.

Once the onions are transclucent, add ginger garlic paste,freshly chopped mint leaves , roasted dry fruits and table spoon of dry fenugreek leave(kasoori methi).


Add a cup of yogurt to the onion mix and allow it to cook for few minutes.


Slowly start adding rice to the onion mix.


Add water and saffron infused milk to the evenly coated rice .


Stir the rice once before covering the vessel with a lid .Allow the rice to cook on slow heat for a while .

Once the flavorful pulao is ready ,top it with roasted onions .

You could relish the flavorful rice along with a raitha or curry of your choice.


P.S :I relished my pulao along with Fennel-Chili Mutton curry,check the blog for recipe .


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