My food safari at Serengeti

One restaurant that left me fascinated as a kid was Ohri’s Serengti .

Captains at this jungle themed restaurant are dressed like a shikari and with their impeccable hospitality will make your visit a memorable one .

To experience the grand Indian food safari, on a recent dinner date, I ordered badami murgh shorba, cutlet shikampuri, dum Ki machli patrewali,Rara murgh and Malai Warqi.

Badami Murgh Shorba had a mild delicate flavor.

Perfectly spiced, well pounded cutlet shikampuri were delectable and had a smooth texture.Green chutney served along had a refreshing note.

Flavorful fish wrapped in banana leave was undisputed star of the meal. I totally recommend you to give dum Ki machli patrewali a try.

RaRa Murgh was loaded with tender meat.Raghani gravy tasted exceptional with guilt-laden ,flavorful Malai Warqi bread.

Mocktails served here are total VFM.

Chatka Orange and Mix of Anu were quiet refreshing.

Thank you, Capt.Sarath for making our visit a memorable one.

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