Aromatic tale from the land of Behrouz.

Biryani is an undisputed jewel Indian culinary platter received from the people of far off land.

Each global region has their own delectable variation of layered rice .And being a tru-blu Biryani lover I wish to taste all the versions .

Thereby,when I received a call from the marketing team of Behrouz Biryani,to review their offerings ,I ended up ordering a Lazeez Bhuna Murg Biryani.

On time well-packed delivery impressed me.

My order came along with a piece of Gulab jamun, cup of raitha and a sachet of cardamom coated Mukhwaas .

Layered rice topped with crispy fried onions, coriander leaves, and almond flakes had an en-captivating aroma. Each grain was flavorful and blended pretty well with the fried onion based masala. Boneless meat was succulent .

I relished the masala which had a pleasant sweet note with a perfect touch of cardamom.

Raitha loaded with herbs, was creamy and had subtle flavor.It added a decent level of sourness to the dish.

Gulab Jamun has scope of improvement. One I was served, was under-cooked and syrup lacked the delicate flavors.

Cardamom spiked Mukhwas was a perfect end to the meal.

If you are someone who appreciates different varities of Biryani and would prefer getting it delivered to your doorstep ,then I recommend you to give this place a try.

P.S : They have delivery option only.

Disclaimer: Review is an unbiased one.

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