Lost Recipes : Biranj

Makara Sankranti’ celebrations marks the beginning of the harvesting season in India.

While growing up, I have seen my grand mom and mom whisk dishes that reflected the essence of this festival. One such dish which is slowly getting buried in the grave of time is Biranj.

It is mildly flavored savory, made of rice and loads of vegetables .

To make it, cut the beans and baby potatoes into half.Slice the carrots and cut the cauliflower into florets.Fry each vegetable individually.

Fried vegetables add a pleasant texture to this simple dish.

Pressure cook rice in cinnamon stick,bay leaf,salt and cloves infused water.

In a cup of warm milk ,add a big pinch of saffron and set aside .Saffron adds rich flavour and color to the dish .

In a wok, heat oil.Add 2 red chillis, 1 tsp of green chilli paste ,2 bay leafs,half cinnamon stick,pinch of fennel seeds and shahi zeera.

Once the seed start to crackle ,add peas and green garbanzo beans (hariboot).

Once they are cooked,add lemon juice and fried veggies .Toss the veggies for a minute or two and then switch off the stove.

Add rice ,saffron milk to the vegetables and mix well.

Serve the subtle flavored Biranj with boondhi ka raitha.


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