Ocean’s Treasure : Seafood Delight

On a road-trip to Mahabalipuram , we decided to treat ourselves to some seafood.


While browsing for restaurants ,we came across  rave reviews about Searock Restaurant and headed towards the sea-facing shack with no further delay.It  had a laid back ambiance and a well-organized kitchen.

In order to kick-start our sea-food extravaganza we ordered Tiger Prawns and Lobster in garlic butter, Crab in Indian masala and Tawa-fried Fish.


Crab meat was pleasantly sweet and masala used had well-balanced flavors.

Lobster and prawns in garlic butter sauce were delectable.

Crispy skin of white snapper perfectly complemented the delicate meat.



We were offered crispy fries and rice as complimentary dishes.

For drinks, we opted for mixed fruit juice and lemon-honey-ginger tea.Mixed fruit juice was refreshing and pulpy.Tea was soothing and a perfect end to our delicious meal.

It was a total pleasure to meet Mr.Muthukumaran  and Mr.Shankar , who made our visit a memorable one with their outstanding hospitality. Thanks to Chef  Vinoth  for whipping up lip smacking dishes.

If you are sea-food lover, I would totally recommend you to visit this place. They not only serve real-good value for money food (all this came up for Rs.3660 ), but also give you a chance to pick your own option from fresh seafood produce.








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