Breakfast Quest : Andhra way this time.

There is more to Andhra cuisine than rich spicy flavors.To explore some less known Andhra flavors ,I visited Dibbaroti .

It is a quaint little joint at Manikonda run by a mid-aged couple .

I recommend you to try their Dibbaroti which is served along with sambar,3 variants of chutney and molasses dip.

Fluffy stuffed dibbaroti tastes heavenly when devoured with pleasantly thick molasses dip.

Sometime the sweet nectar dip might not be available .Thereby always check the availability before ordering.

Second dish we tried was Aaviri Kudumu.It was like a big Ghee-Karampodi steamed idli.I was not a big fan of this one.

Apart from these we have tried truly spicy yet flavorful karma pesarattu(my spice tolerance level is pretty low),fluffy sponge dosa ,idli and golden crispy vada.

Though my quest for new flavors was not majorly satisfied,yet I would totally recommend you to visit them for their Dibbaroti Molasses Dip.

In my view,their is huge scope of improvement needed in customer engagement front.

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