Chocolate SaaGa with Saa.

I believe that chocolate is the finest luxury, which simply wraps up in it grin inducing satisfaction and deliciousness of a moment.

Impressed by intriguing offerings from Saa I decided to give their chocolates a try.

Each of their chocolate is delectable and thoughtfully packed.

After tasting few of their samples ,I decided to collaborate with them ,to customize chocolates boxes to be given as a return gift for an event I was hosting.

Professional team from Saa after assessing the requirements offered to do 3 different kind of boxes.

Kiddo Delight: This box put together for kids was loaded with soft-chewy chocolate rolls and assorted milk chocolates.

Un-traditional Pitara: I would totally recommend you to pick this as a replacement to traditional sweet box.Each box had serving of delightful peanut butter fudge ,gooey chocolate caramel and refreshing blueberry Truffle.

Sassy Twist :Of all the boxes ,this was a personal favorite.Classy Box was filled with Dark Mango Fantasy,Caramel Crunch and Oceans breeze.

Sea salt spiked Oceans breeze might take some time to entice your palate.

Apart from this they serve various kinds of flavored chocolates, truffles and rolls.

If you are an Oreo lover just like me, then you should not miss their rustic textured Oreo Delight.

Also do try their dark chocolate truffle which can be customized as per your choice.

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