Chaat with a vi-desi twist

A quaint little joint at Manikonda with its experimental serving is giving humble Pain Puri and Bhature a pleasant twist.

There is a wide variety of fillings and Paani to choose from .

For my flavor-tango I decided to try spicy pomegranate filling with Gud-Imli(Jaggery and Tamarind) Paani.

Sweet chilli sauce spiked pomegranate added a flavorful bite to crispy in-house made puris.

To continue my delightful gastronomical experience, I decided to try Cheese Bhature with Kheema Korma.

Bhature were aptly cheesy and tasted real good with clove spiked Kheema Korma.

I recommend you to give this place a try if you are craving for food with a twist.Pricing may seem a little high but quality and flavors served ,do total justice to the price quoted.

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