Cleanse High:Purification in a bottle

Once in a quarter, right in middle of nowhere gut gives you a reminder that its time to Detox.

One such reminder pushed me to take-up the 3-day detox plan from Cleanse High.

Firstly,professional team from Cleanse High ,makes your detox hassle free by delivering the drinks at your door step ,at suggested time . Secondly, each of their drink is packed with interesting flavors ,thereby, making the detox journey lil less gruesome.


Ayur High and Lemon High had a perfect refreshing-tangy-swag.

Of all the drinks  garlic-spiked Soup High,energizing Green High and creamy Nut High were my personal favorite.Thereby,I thoroughly enjoyed my mid-day sips.


Chia High and Hemp High grows on ou after initial sips.


I am not a Betroot person , hence it was a task to sip the red-devil.



Tea-High Bottles were lil packages soothing my jinxed-guts.

3-day detox with no cheat binges , improved my energy levels and left me rejunevated.

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